Healthy chili (I managed to squeeze in some flavanoids)



0.8 oz of ground beef

0.8 oz of ground pork

medium Spanish onion

3-5 garlic cloves (I added six but I am, some might say, a little bit garlic mad)

2 packets of Sazon with Tomato and Cilantro

0.5 cup of chicken stock (I had just made some, complete with flavanoids, so I used some of my broth after I realized in needed some more liquid, before my stock went into the freezer)2 tbs of ground cumin

tsp of ground red pepper

2-3 medium carrrots

0.5 medium sweet potato

tsp of powdered garlic

tsp of brown sugar

Sea Salt (To taste)

ground pepper

sm can of tomato paste

2-3 tbls of olive oil

Plan of Attack

Clean and dice the onions and garlic. Pour apx a tsp of olive oil into the bottom of your big skillet. When the oil is hot, add the onions and garlic.

Cook the onions and garlic until aromatic and then add the ground meat, mixing so the pork and beef integrated.

While the meat is cooking, clean and thinly coin your carrots. Add the carrots to mixture to cook.

When meat is reasonably cooked, add the spices, and tomato paste This is where I should have added the chicken stock, but I added mine a the end. Cook until the tinny tomato paste taste (say it 5 times fast - tinny tomato paste taste, tinny tomato paste taste, tinny tomato paste taste) is cooked into tomato subtlety.

Cut your sweet potato down the middle and cook until it is moderately done. When it has cooled, cut your sweet potato into sm pieces and add to the mixture. *The potatoes absorb moisture, so if you add the whole potato add more chicken stock.

*My comments: in general very good, but I think I should have added some more spicy hotness, more chicken stock and perhaps some canned or raw tomaotes. If I added the tomatoes raw, I would have added them directly to the onions and garlic, after they had become aromatic, before I added the meat, because I abhor raw tomato taste…I know I am ridiculous, considering how passionate I am about my tomato garden…