A Prayer for Those Struggling                              with Eating Disorders


I am essential. I am special. I am beautifully broken and divinely wise. There has not ever been a time in my life where there was too much of my heart, my soul or my needs. I was born because the world needed my gifts, my heart, and my spirit. I need help understanding if I don't care for myself, the world will be missing what I exist to contribute. I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to nourish my body, my soul, and my community, however I define my community. I deserve to be fed and to know how to feed myself. I am essential.

Today please give me the courage to be brave and feed myself the healthiest food and to listen to people who are thinking clearly about what my nutritional needs might be. Please give me the strength to talk about my anxiety and expose what I think might be secrets about the way I feel about myself and why I think I might not be able to easily eat what I should, when I should, for the reasons I should. 

I need help today loving myself and I know the fact I am still alive, despite my struggles, is because I am profoundly loved by my high power. Today I need help feeling beautiful, because I know my higher power thinks I am beautiful, but it sometimes seem hard to feel beautiful. Help me to aspire to be beautiful on the inside, because inner beauty is the hardest thing to accomplish, but it should always be my goal. Every part of me was born perfect and unique, from my complexion, to my face, to my fingerprints; I have a responsibility to care for my health and my body as the gift it is.

As I know my anxiety and feelings of discomfort are real, I know there is real relief possible in the solace of my higher power. Please give me the understanding today about how to find healing, and please give the people who love me the insight to know I am not intentionaly trying, in my struggles with food, to hurt, embarrass or scare them. please give them the tools, insight and abilities to acknowledge my journey and support my  fight for health and happiness. Please help my soul to understand that my higher power loves those in turmoil and suffering best, and finds in their sadness opportunities for their beautiful redemption and moments for teaching the people around them about beauty, selflessness and love.

In the real name of everything, high and holy, sacred and special, this I pray.


Written by C. Eileen Donovan, a beautifully broken and divinely wise, survivor...for those who should know survival is possible.