Youth Movement and Curriculum Resources


Our Roots Run Deep 

Civil Rights Curriculum for Children                   (updated PEriodically)


This is a plan for teaching about privilege and disadvantage in a tangible, dare we say it, fun way. We taught this curriculum during Civil Rights Week, our theme theme week which was planned to coincide with MLK Day '17.

"We have a Dream" - Martin Luther King 

This curriculum gives a structure for framing the "I have a dream speech" in an approachable way. Our plan gives a concrete way to talk about and experience the speech which honors the sanctity of the day while making the idea of have personal dream a very valid goal. Students reflect together about the special message of the day and are able to share about their reactions to the message of this legendary speech.

Anthems of Justice

Through the protest music of of past and recent musical artists, students learn about the civil rights movement through the lens of personal expression. Options for listening activities are outlined for young children as well as their older counterparts, and we've listed suggestions for song choices to be discussed from a myriad of genres including hip hip, reggae, soul, rock, and folk music.