Photography by Clare Eileen Patricia Donovan

Our Mission

Through design, art, writing and movement, we're teaming together to bring about positive change and elevate the common man. There is not anything more special than creativity motivated by the reality of the fact that sometimes lives lived simply are lives lived best. Our founder has her own design business, is a published author of progressive children's books, is a site director and innovative curriculum developer, has a passion for construction, (especially construction erected in the name of "green building"), is a certified Pilates professional with a background in sports and dance, and the original good time. Mindfulness is contagious and the most powerful weapon we have against bigotry, hatred and fear is love, in its many beautiful and inexplicable forms. We believe, no, we insist, that if ya play hard, work hard, pray hard and give every inch of what ya be to the people that matter, then you're doing what you're supposed to.

You can cut all the flowers, but you cannot keep spring from coming
— Pablo Neruda, the translator of my soul (and internationally celebrated poet)

We Pat ourselves on the back because...

  • We don't ever miss an opportunity to experience a waterfall
  • Using a variety of mediums, we have written and illustrated numerous children's books with the themes of inclusivity, love, brotherhood, organization, faith- real faith not showy, showy shows of dogma...we only cosign dogmatic things if they involve incense and candles.
  • Create clothing and household furnishings that promote social awareness,  are influenced heavily by the wilderness our founder spent her formative years in. Our creations compliment a lifestyle which is mindful, centered around beauty and growth. and incredibly respectful of our roots... because where we've been is who we should become.
  • We're creators and implementors of innovative programming for children that focuses on community building, progressive thought and civil liberties.
  • Developer of  published/copywrighted teenager entrepreneurship curriculum entitled "Hustle and Flow"for high school students that teaches empowerment, self motivation, and design while creatively focusing on finding the universality in the urban experience. Teenagers are, with our understanding, the movers, shakers and shot callers of mañana...(which means tomorrow for y'all who are allergic to Spanish).
  • With the mentorship of Melia Marzollo we're involved revolutionizing movement...for every age!  Movement is a vehicle for healing and expression. We're involved with offering movement programming to teenagers, the elderly and children.