I have always loved beautiful things and enjoyed well designed spaces and furnishings. My private love for creating became my saving grace when I was compelled to create my way out of a mess I did not create.

The offerings on this site are a sliver of what I can create and have created, but I hope you find what I can humbly provide for you to order via this site, beautiful and meaningful. Using my paint brush, children’s watercolors, found objects and my own ingenuity I proved I was the force to be reckoned with the people who loved me always knew I was and I have continued to build a brand I am proud of. I am still growing, but I hope you enjoy what you see in my zazzle marketplace and the marketplace which lives on this site. Whenever possible I have created with an eye toward sustainability, and my journey has informed the things I created and the things I make now. Like the phoenix from the ashes, my work showcases you can channel ugly experiences and sad realities into making beauty which speaks for itself.

At times where I felt I have had no voice, often what I have created has spoken for me, telling the world I was still myself, I still had my own unique perspective and the worth of my voice has everything to do with what I have survived and what I have yet to say.